Tongariro Crossing Weather

What is the Tongariro Crossing Weather Forecast?

The weather can change very quickly in the Tongariro National Park; the Tongariro Alpine Crossing track is totally exposed to the elements, sun, wind, rain and snow. You should always be prepared in the mountains, no matter what the forecast is for the day.

The link below is a broad forecast for the Tongariro National Park. We monitor the weather here in National Park Village.

Do you cancel your shuttle to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing due to weather?

Our main concern is your safety and we want you to enjoy your day on the Tongariro Crossing so we do cancel the shuttle service. We would cancel a trip in high winds especially on Red Crater ridge, the highest point on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This is a relatively narrow section and can be dangerous with a strong wind forecast.

What do we do if the weather turns bad while we are on the Tongariro Crossing?

If you feel the weather is dangerous (do not question this) and have not reached red crater you should turn back, give us a call and we will pick you up at the beginning. If you have past red crater, keep walking at a good pace; do not stop until you are at the car park and call us.

Can we get lost in poor visibility?

The track is well marked with poles and directional signs at intersections, if you do not leave the track you should not get lost. We give you a map, just to give you a guide on timing at different points along the track with our cell phone number. We know you are on the mountain and what time you are expected to be off.

When do we find out about the Tongariro Crossing weather?

We are in National Park; we will make a decision on the weather normally at 7pm the night before or first thing in the morning. We want you on the mountain at the best possible time to enjoy the views, so we make a decision on timing of shuttle based on the latest weather forecast.