Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Alternative Tongariro Waihohonu Track - Plan B

Tongariro Alpine Crossing alternative

Tama Lakes

Tongariro Track Transport is offering a shuttle service to the start of the Tongariro Waihohonu Track, you can enjoy part of the Tongariro Northern Circuit – one of the great walks in New Zealand.

  • You will be dropped at the beginning on the eastern side of the Tongariro National Park.
  • You start in desert sands and walk between Mt Ruapehu and Mt Ngauruhoe in the stunning volcanic landscapes.
  • The track takes in the historic Waihohonu Hut, one of the original tourist centre in the Park.  The “Grand Tour” took passengers by paddle steamer up the Whanganui River to Pipiriki and horse-drawn coaches eventually delivered tourist to Waihohonu and on to Tokaanu.
  • From the Huts the track follows the Waihohonu Stream climbing to the Tama Saddle.
  • On reaching the saddle the track branches to the Tama Lakes, two infilled explosion craters.  (reported to be the oldest in the Park)
  • The lower Tama is a 10 minute side track while the upper Tama is up a ridge and is one and half hours return to the Track.
  • Whakapapa village is appromimately two hours from the Tama Lakes junction.
  • After about an hour the track meets the Taranaki falls loop walk.  To view the falls follow the lower track and track then continues beside the Waiere streeam through mountain beech forest.
  • If you take the option of the upper Tama side track this is a 24km hike, longer but with out the climbs on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
  • Return transfers